These are the types of undead in the Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Zombie TypesEdit

Walkers - They are pretty slow and are encountered more often on lower levels.

Joggers - Slightly faster than a Walker, they are a bit more of a threat to your survivors.

Over nourished - They are big, fat, and bulky undead. They show up after Level 5 and higher. They have more health than the others but are much slower. At higher levels, some can run.

Sprinters - They are faster than Walkers and Joggers but are also weaker than any other Zombie.

Rotters - They are encountered on high levels. They are the same as their counterparts, but have green skin.

Police - These are the SWAT team units UCPD sent out to take down what they thought was homicidal people. They have more health than normal zombies.

Military - Soldiers that did not survive the outbreak. They are more armored than Police zombies, and some can run. It is advised to take these out quickly.

Riot - the Riot Police sent out to stop the "riots" or zombie hordes, who eventually were overrun. Extremely armored, but can never run. Very dangerous since they can give other zombies the chance to sneak up on your survivors as they are distracted.

HERC Riot - a more armored version of the Riot zombie.


Walkers - They are easy to take down, but in hordes they can be a problem.

Joggers/Sprinters - Take them down before they get to your survivors. Automatic fire works well.

Fat infected - Attack them first, since they have high health and damage. Long rifles work well at a distance taking them out.

Kiting -: a way to deal with massive swarms of zombies. use 1 fast survivor to lure the zombies to run in a circle, and have your other survivors shoot at the zombies. Preferably have the zombies' back face the guns, because it does guaranteed Critical damage.