The SVD is a rifle featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Background Edit

A semi-automatic rifle bearing the name of its designer, intended to allow Soviet marksmen embedded in infantry squads to provide effective long-range fire support. Its ease of operation and rapid yet accurate rate of fire make it an incredibly popular weapon with today's snipers, despite the age of its design.

The primary sniper rifle of former-Soviet nations, it has also been sold in commercial forms to the hunting community. 

How to obtain Edit

  • It can be scavenged during Level 29+ missions.
  • Level 31 Scoped variants can be crafted using a SVD and 14Machined Parts at a Level 11+ Weapons Bench for 19 .
  • Level 31 Maintained Scoped variants can be crafted using a SVD and 42 Machined Parts at a Level 11+ Weapons Bench for 38  after scavenging the required schematic. Also requires a Level 31+ Engineer.
  • Level 31 High Capacity Scoped variants can be crafted using a SVD, 84 Machined Parts, 1 Sights, 1 Pipe, 2 Lenses and 10Rivets at a Level 11+ Weapons Bench for 54  after scavenging or purchasing the required schematic at The Store for 1,150 . Also requires a Level 31+ Engineer and Recon.

Recycling products Edit

  • Sights x 1
  • Bolt Assembly x 1
  • Barrel x 1
  • Machined Parts x Variable (dependent on the item's Level and attachments/conditions)

Tactics Edit

This weapon acts like a cross between a FAL and a M-24, leaning more towards the former due to its high rate of fire. However, it hits harder and is more accurate than the former, making this weapon even more effective. Unfortunately, like the latter, it has a small magazine; when combined with an extremely long reload time, the user will most likely spend more time reloading than shooting. Be sure to provide support from other survivors.

Pros Edit

  • High Damage
  • Long Effective Range
  • Accurate
  • High RoF (vs other rifles)
  • Large Magazine (vs other rifles)

Cons Edit

  • Reloads Very Slowly (slowest of all rifles)
  • High Ammo Cost
  • Moderate Move Speed Penalty