The PSG1 is a long rifle featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Background Edit

The German Präzisionsschützengewehr ("precision-shooter rifle") was born in the wake of a great tragedy which highlighted the need for a fast-firing yet still accurate rifle. Even several decades after it was first designed, many snipers would say that it still adequately fulfills that need.

An expensive firearm used in small numbers by elite law enforcement and military units.

How to obtain Edit

  • It can be scavenged during Level 35+ missions.
  • Level 37 Scoped variants can be crafted using a PSG1 and 16Machined Parts at a Level 11+ Weapons Bench for 23 .
  • Level 37 Maintained Scoped variants can be crafted using a PSG1 and ? at a level 12+ Weapons Bench for ? after scavenging the required schematic. Also requires a Level 31+Engineer.
  • Level 37 High Capacity Scoped variants can be crafted using a PSG1, 98 Machined Parts, 1 Sights, 1 Pipe, 2 Lenses and 10Rivets at a Level 12+ Weapons Bench for 64  after scavenging or purchasing the required schematic from The Store for 1,250 . Also requires a Level 37+ Engineer andRecon.

Recycling products Edit

  • Barrel x 1
  • Bolt Assembly x 1
  • Sights x 1
  • Machined Parts x Variable (dependent on the item's Level and attachments/conditions)

Tactics Edit

A shorter ranged, higher RoF version of the M-24, the PSG1 weapon is far more effective against zombies due to its faster rate of fire and smaller minimum effective range. However, its shorter range makes it a less effective raiding weapon, where range is just as important as raw damage.

Pros Edit

  • Very High Damage
  • Long Effective Range
  • Reloads Quickly (vs. other long rifles)

Cons Edit

  • High Ammo Cost
  • Low RoF
  • Moderate Move Speed Penalty (vs. other long rifles)
  • Inaccurate (vs. other long rifles)