The FAL Battle Rifle is a long rifle featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Background Edit

Belgium's Fusil Automatique Léger ("Light Automatic Rifle") is a heavy but accurate and reliable weapon that was largely NATO's standard infantry rifle throughout the Cold War. Lighter assault rifles eventually replaced it, but many nations still manufacture and use their own iterations of "The Right Arm of The Free World".

Many were exported to the U.S. after the Cold War, and it remains a popular rifle among gun enthusiasts.

How to obtain Edit

  • It can be scavenged during Level 23+ missions.
  • Level 23 Extended Quick Action variants can be crafted using a FAL, 26 Machined Parts, 10 Rivets, 5 Bolts, a Trigger Systemand a Firing Pin at a Level 9+ Weapons Bench for 28  after scavenging the required schematic. Also requires a Level 23+Engineer and Recon.
  • Level 23 High Capacity Scoped variants can be crafted using a FAL, 50 Machined Parts, 10 Rivets, 5 Bolts, 1 Magazine Case, 1Pipe and 2 Lenses at a Level 10+ Weapons Bench for 40 after scavenging the required schematic. Also requires a Level 23+ Engineer and Recon.

Recycling products Edit

  • Barrel x 1
  • Sights x 1
  • Bolt Assembly x 1
  • Machined Parts x Variable (dependent on the item's Level and attachments/conditions)

Tactics Edit

Although classed as a long rifle, the FAL performs more like a long-range Assault Rifle. The fastest firing long rifle in the game, it also comes with a large magazine and decent damage per shot, allowing its wielder to shred even decently-sized groups of zombies without needing to reload. However, its relatively low accuracy means it is best given to survivors with a high Ranged Combat skill.

Pros Edit

  • High Damage
  • Long Effective Range
  • Large Magazine (largest of all long rifles)
  • Attacks Quickly (fastest of all long rifles)

Cons Edit

  • Inaccurate (lowest of all long rifles)
  • Low Move Speed Penalty (vs other long rifles)
  • High Ammo cost (vs other long rifles)

Trivia Edit

  • Rare FALs don't use the same name pool as other long rifles, they use the assault rifle name pool instead.